World Earth Day 2024 – Earth Day Images, Photos, Wallpapers 2024

World Earth Day 2024: If not present, then these species will fall into the pages of history.

Today we are celebrating Earth Day. We have read books about species like dinosaurs, big teeth elephants, and vultures, and have never seen them. Concerned about this, experts are concerned that due to the change in nature, our next generation will be seen in the courtyard of the house, the dancing woman, the flower-colored butterfly, and whirlpools, the honey made of pollen honey, the pimple carrying ants and cheetah Do not know about many species in books and read it. Keeping this in view, this time theme of ‘World Earth Day‘ has been preserved ‘preserve species’.

The temperature of the earth is increasing day by day, the iceberg is melting rapidly and the water level of the ocean is continuously growing, this has created an existential crisis for the whole creature. Due to tampering in nature’s structure, the balance of gases in the atmosphere has worsened. This has caused crop circles to collapse, and the fertility of the soil decreased. The most worrying thing is that the ecological cycle has gone wrong, which has caused a biodiversity crisis. Today, thousands of species of birds, mammals, and insect moths have either become extinct or are on the brink of extinction.

World Earth Day 2024

Scientists believe that the process of extinction has begun in the sixth major way. According to a recent report, insects such as bees, ants, gutter (beetles), spiders,s and fireflies, which are an integral part of our lives, are disappearing more than eight times faster than other mammals, birds, and reptiles. In this report published in the journal Biological Conservation, 73 research published in different parts of the world has been reviewed in the last 13 years. In this, the researchers found that in the next few decades, 40% of pests would become extinct due to a decrease in the number of places. One-third of the species of pests have been declared in danger. On the contrary, the number of harmful pests such as flies and cockroaches is likely to increase. This is because they adapt themselves to changing conditions, and they have immunity to pesticides.

Earth Day Theme 2024
Earth Day Theme 2024

Happy Earth Day 2024

Why are Insects-Moths

According to the study, the number of pests worldwide is reduced by 2.5% every year. Reduced insect bites are fatal to the ecosystem because insect pants are essential for the balance of the ecosystem and food chain. They pollinate plants and crops, recycle waste, and are the food source for others.

Happy Earth Day 2024
Happy Earth Day 2024

Major Reasons for Vanishing

Climate change, deforestation, increasing concrete, urbanization, poaching and use of pesticide drugs in farming, and plastic pollution in the ocean are responsible for the elimination of these species.

How to Save Beneficial Pests

Professor Dave Gaulson of Sussex University said that to protect the species of extinct insects, people should adapt their gardens to pests and not use insecticides. Apart from this, by buying organic flowers and using them, people can also contribute to saving beneficial pests from extinction.

How Many Species Are Endangered?

International Nature Conservation Association (IUCN) has released a list of animals standing on the verge of extinction. Accordingly, the risk of extinction of more than 26,500 species, 40 percent of amphibians, 34 percent of coniferous, 33 percent of Reef-Building Corals, 25 percent of mammals, and 14 percent of birds.

What status in India

A threat to these species in India: –
A Singh rhinoceros, Nilgiri Tahr, Bengal Tiger, Asiatic Lion, Black Deer, Kashmir Deer, Lion Tailed Macaca, Snow Leopard, Dolphin, Whale, Fishing Cat, Red Panda, Turtle, Bengal Florican, White Vulture, Bustard, Black Crow, Woodpecker, stork, gauraya, and coconut, etc.

World Earth Day 2024
World Earth Day 2024

On the Verge of Extinction all Over the World

Siega Deer, Smoky Bear, Philippines Eagle, Long Nose Monkey, Snob Gozzard Monkey, Firefly, Pied Tamarin, Tree Pangolin, Enogno Tortoise, African Elephant, Hippo Thorn, Golden Nose Monkey, Sea Angels, Western Lowland Gorilla, etc.

70 percent of American threats were reduced

Researchers found that the number of American bumblebees decreased by almost 70 percent. Their numbers decreased by 89 percent from 2007 to 2016, and they also joined the extinct species. At the same time, 30 vaquita fish survive, they are in danger of becoming extinct in the coming decade.

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