When is Easter Day 2022 & Orthodox Easter 2022?

Easter 2022 occurs on Sunday, April 17 However, Easter comes on a different date every year. Easter Sunday and related ceremonies, such as Wednesday and Palm Sunday, are considered “floating festivals”. Western Christianity, follows the Gregorian calendar. Easter always falls on Sunday.

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When is Easter

When is Easter

When is Easter

Eastern Orthodox Christianity, which adheres to the Julian calendar. Easter falls on Sundays between April 4 and May 8 each year. In some denominations of Protestant Christianity, Easter Sunday symbolizes the beginning of the Easter season. The east ends of Easter on the 50th day, known as Pentecost Sunday.

In Eastern Orthodox branches of Christianity, Easter Sunday serves as the beginning of Pascha. (Greek for “Easter”) which is known as a festival with a holiday after 40 days.

Despite its importance as a Christian holy day, many traditions and symbols play an important role in Easter traditions. They are actually the roots of the idolatrous festival. Especially the pagan Easter (or Ostara), the ancient German goddess of spring – and the Passover Jewish holiday.

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When is Easter and why is it celebrated

When is Easter and why is it celebrated?

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Religious Tradition of Easter

The resurrection of Jesus is described in the New Testament of the Bible. Which is essentially the basis of Christian religions. Therefore, there is a very important date on the Easter Christian calendar.

Religious Tradition of Easter

Religious Tradition of Easter

According to the new law, Jesus was arrested by Roman officials. Because he claimed to be “the son of God”, though historians question it. Some said that it would be considered a threat to the empire by the Romans.

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Passover and Easter 2022

In particular, Easter is associated with Jewish holidays as well as an escape from the Jews. These links are clearly visible in the last banquet as described in the Old Testament. Which happened the night before the arrest of Jesus and the sufferings that Jesus raised after his arrest.

The last ban was originally the Passover festival. However, the New Testament has described it as a new significance given by Jesus. They identified matzah (or roti). Which he shared with his 12 apostles as his “body” and a cup of wine. Which he “drank as a drink” “blood”

Passover and Easter

Passover and Easter

These rituals will come as a symbol of sacrifice. Which he was about to tell about death. And who became the basis of Christian rituals of holy religion this is a fundamental part of Christian religious service.

As it was said about the arrest and execution of Jesus. The Easter holiday during Passover’s Jewish rituals is often close to the former festival on the Judo-Christian calendar.

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Easter Egg Images

There are many traditions of Easter-time with roots, regardless of the cult. Which can detect non-Christians and even pagan or non-religious festivals? Many non-Christians follow these traditions while ignoring the religious aspects of the festival.


Examples of non-religious Easter traditions include Easter eggs and related sports such as egg rolling and egg decoration.

Easter Eggs 2022

Easter Egg

Easter Egg Images 2022

Easter Egg Images

Easter Egg 2022 Images

It is believed that eggs represent reproductive ability and birth in certain pagan traditions. Those who belong to Christianity before. Egg decoration is the religious significance of Easter. That is, it can be part of the Easter celebration for Jesus’ resurrection or rebirth.

Many people – mostly children – participate in Easter eggs “hunting”, in which decorated eggs are hidden.

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Easter Bunny Images

In some homes, people have a character known as Easter Bunny. On Easter Sunday morning, the baby gives candy and chocolate eggs. These candies are often in an Easter basket.

The origins of the Easter Bunny tradition are unknown to everyone. Although some historians believe that it came to the US in the 1700s with German immigrants. Rabbits, in many cultures, are known as enthusiastic procurers. Therefore, the arrival of a baby bunny in Springtime Meadows was added with birth and renewal.

Easter 2022 Bunny Images

Easter 2022 Bunny Photos

In particular, many Protestant Christian denominations, including Lutheran and Quaker. Which he has chosen to formalize many Easter traditions. They have also made them idolaters.

There are also historical roots in the Easter dinner of lamb. Because in Jewish traditions, the lamb’s child was often used as a sacrifice. And the lamb is often served during the Passover. The phrase “Lord’s Lamb” is sometimes used to refer to the sacrificial nature of Jesus and his death.

Easter 2022 Bunny Photo

Easter 2022 Bunny Photo

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Easter 2022 Bunny Pics

Easter 2022 Bunny Pics

Today, Easter is a business event as well as a religious holiday, marked by high sales of greeting cards, candies (such as peeps, chocolate eggs, and chocolate Easter buns), and other gifts.

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