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Happy Memorial Day Poems: Memorial Day is a federal holiday of the United States, which is celebrated proudly by the whole country. It celebrates the biggest celebration Memorial Day 2021 and remembers the army of the Great United States Army and remembers all those brave soldiers who fought and served their country. On this prosperity, people gather and go to monuments of soldiers and keep flowers on their graves and give special thanks for their valuable sacrifice.

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Happy Memorial Day Poems
Happy Memorial Day Poems

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Memorial Day Poems

Happy Memorial Day 2018
Happy Memorial Day 2021
Memorial Day Poem
Memorial Day Poem

Memorial Day Poems for Veterans

Memorial Day 2020 Poems – many think that Memorial Day is just a 7 days holiday, many American families will remember their lost loved ones who died while serving in the armed forces. Therefore, to honor all falling heroes, we have collected a group of inspirational poems here :

Memorial Day Poems Quotes 2021

Christian Memorial Day Poems
Christian Memorial Day Poems

Happy Memorial Day Poems for Church

Memorial Day 2021 Poems – The greatest opportunity to remember all men and women who lost their lives while serving the American nation. Memorial Day was initially known as Decor Day. This is the national holiday of the United States, celebrating this encouraging moment of the whole country Memorial Day, praying in special prayer for the sacrifice of the men of their army with enthusiasm and in the church. So, here we are sharing beautiful and inspirational Memorial Day poems:

Memorial Day Poems Prayer for Church

Memorial Day Poems Prayer for Church
Memorial Day Poems Prayer for Church

Happy Memorial Day Poems

Memorial Day Poems
Memorial Day Poems

Memorial Day Poems Prayers

Happy Memorial Day Poems
Happy Memorial Day Poems

Thè Àmèrìcàn hèro

Thè Àmèrìcàn Hèro àlwàys comès through
To càpturè our hèàrts wìth à spìrìt so truè

Somè proudly àrè soldìèrs who màrch ìn hàrm’s wày
Ìnsurìng our frèèdom, couràgèous thèy stày

Whìlè othèrs comè forth às cìvìlìàns so bràvè
Dètèrmìnèd ìn purposè, so stèàdfàst to sàvè

Wè should àlwàys kèèp clèàr à plàcè ìn our hèàrt
For èàch hàs à vàluè bèyond prècìous àrt

Thèìr duty to country wìll not bè surpàssèd
Plèàsè honor thèìr couràgè, for somè ìt’s thèìr làst

Wè lìvè ìn à world whìch càn bè hàrd to bèàr
Thànk God for thèsè pèoplè, how grèàtly thèy càrè

Do pondèr nèw hèroès ànd whàt thèy wìll fàcè
Ànd prày for thèìr sàfèty no màttèr thèìr plàcè

Our hèrìtàgè brìngs out thè bèst, wè àll know
Our grèàt book of hèroès ìs dèstìnèd to grow

Happy Memorial Day Poems

Memorial Day, 1911

What are the garlands we lay on the graves?
Heapings of blossoms that loveliest are?
Beauty supreme for the bravest of braves?
Yes, and an offering holier far.

Here are the garlands of memories clear,
Thoughts of the partings the desperate frays,
Marches and prisons and hospitals drear,
Triumphs and woes of those terrible days.
Garlands of gratitude fadeless and fair
Lie on the graves of our glorious dead,—
Grateful for freedom that breathes in the air,
Grateful for a union that floats overhead.

Garlands of love from the children and wives,
Garlands of hope for the nation today,
Garlands of offered and consecrated lives,
These on the graves of our heroes we lay.

Roses and lilies and violets blue,
Daffodils, tulips, and all of the rest,—
Ah, the dear departed, brave patriots true,
We know what garlands will please you the best!

By Amos Russel Wells

Happy Memorial Day Poems
Happy Memorial Day Poems
Memorial Day Prayers
Memorial Day Prayers

America celebrates the 31st of May with great pride This Year, this day is considered a big day for all Americans, because the day of May 31 is the day that is celebrated by remembering the warriors of the country, celebrated in honor of those soldiers.

Who became martyred for his country without any selfishness. And all the people remember martyrs who are martyred in their country with great pride on this day. And they write poems for them and also share these Memorial Day Poems with their loved ones, and for these warriors, we have brought some poems to this website for you and we hope that these Best Memorial Day poems Look good! You can share with your friends through Facebook, What’s App, Messaging. Wikipedia